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Weights and Measures information Washington DC

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District of Columbia

Weights and Measures information

Please contact Weights & Measures

Phone: (202) 123-4567



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Complete the registration application, found HERE. Paper renewals will be mailed to the business address each year.

An online application can be filled out HERE. Digital renewals will be sent to email addresses each year.

Any changes to address, ownership or contact info needs to be given to the Department of Weights & Measures.

Any new devices must be registered from the beginning of the process. 

The business must register its device each year. The yearly cycle runs from October 1st to September 31st. A $250 fee will be issued for late registration.


It is recommended to get your scale properly calibrated you must contact a certified Service Company, a complete list for DC can be found HERE.

This should be completed before Weights & Measures does their inspection.


It is recommended that a Service Company recalibrates the mG-Scale each year.

This should be done before October 1st when the inspection cycle begins again.

Any scale that fails inspection will be subject to a $2,034.00 fine.

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