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What is the difference between the TSP100 and TSP650 Series?

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This FAQ explains the difference between the Star Micronics TSP100 and TSP650 POS Printers for End Users and Developers/System Integrators

End Users

TSP100 Series

This product family was designed to offer the ultimate ease of installation and operation for the user.  Everything you need is included in the box including the printer, drivers, cables and wall mount bracket

  • Internal power supply – No power brick to hide
  •  futurePRNT Software Utilities included on the CD:  Add logos and coupons and paper-saving features (available only on Windows OS)

TSP113: Low cost (No paper cutter. Provided with tear bar).  Available with USB or LAN interface.

TSP143: Standard model with an auto-paper cutter.  Available with USB or LAN interface.

TSP143ECO USB: The TSP143ECO features many Economic and Ecologic features.

TSP143GT USB: The Ultrafast TSP100 model.  Print a 6in / 152mm receipt in 1 second!

TSP650 Series

This product family has been designed with the integrator in mind.  This series is field upgradeable so the interface can be changed in the field without replacing the whole printer.  Get the product you need today and easily upgrade later! Cables and Power Supply are purchased separately so customers do not need to spend money on something they already own.

  • Power Supply external and optional
  • Cables optional
  • Installation CD included
  • Interchangeable interface:  Interface options are USB, Serial, Parallel, and Ethernet.

TSP651:  Low cost (No paper cutter. Provided with tear bar)

TSP654:  Standard product with auto-paper cutter

Developers and Integrators

TSP100 Series

  • The TSP100 Series can only understand raster data (graphical)
  • When using the SDK’s sample application, the features that can be used are status, raster printing, and cash drawer open
  • All of the other SDK features use Star Line Mode commands and are therefore not compatible with the TSP100 in the SDK’s sample application
  • futurePRNT advanced configuration utilities are only available for Windows as part of the driver package (futurePRNT currently unavailable for Mac OS X and Linux)
  • All settings are adjusted in the driver

TSP650 Series

  • The TSP650 Series can accept raster data or ASCII and commands in Star Mode or ESC/POS Mode
  • All features of the SDK’s sample application can be used with the TSP650 Series (except 2D barcodes)
  • External power supply.  Power supply must be purchased separately.  If you already have a suitable power supply or 24V power available you do not need to purchase an additional power supply.
  • Supports direct to port printing (Parallel, Serial, Ethernet)
  • Has DIP switches which allow for changing settings (such as emulation, etc) by a physical switch on the printer (see manual for more information on DIP switch settings)
  • Has many Memory Switches that can be adjusted by command (see manual for more information on Memory Switch setting options)
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