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Kitchen Printers and Back-of-House Solutions

Modern and reliable 

Equip your professional kitchen with the best POS hardware and technology solutions for streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and exceptional customer service.

Star Micronics has the kitchen printers you need for your restaurant, QSR, and cafe, including the SP742 impact printer, the mC-Label3 multimedia printer, and the mC-Print3 thermal printer.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Printing with Star Solutions

Star Micronics offers modern and efficient kitchen and label printers, ensuring top-tier performance for all your back-of-house printing requirements.

Revolutionize Your Printing with the mC-Label3

Discover the multifunctional mC-Label3, a versatile printer that brings exceptional adaptability to any work environment. Capable of handling a wide range of media types and integrated with Star’s Cloud Services for easy image storage and One Touch printing, it offers seamless connectivity with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and advanced technologies like SteadyLAN®+ and TetherLAN.

Meet the mC-Print3

Where thermal excels in the kitchen.

Splash proof, insect-proof, tough enough for modern kitchens.


Whether your kitchen is indoors or outdoors, the mC-Print 3 provides peace of mind that your printer can handle a little splash, debris, or insect when the kitchen gets going. 


Multiple Interfaces to choose from — Traditional USB, Lightning USB, USB-C®, Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN (Local, WebPRNT, and CloudPRNT)

The mC-Print3 thermal receipt printer by Star Micronics.


A high-performance printer, the mC-Print3 is affordable with the reliability Star Micronics products are known for. 


Place your printer anywhere in the kitchen with Stars’ wireless model making workflow a breeze.

Discover the SP742: The Ultimate Kitchen Printer

The SP742 printer excels in the demanding kitchen environment, offering high-speed, two-color printing for clear orders and a user-friendly design for easy handling. Enhanced with CloudPRNT and Bluetooth, it streamlines online ordering, ensuring seamless front-to-back-of-house operations.

Online Ordering Like a Pro with CloudPRNT

With real-time order processing, reliable communication, and easy printing capabilities, Star Micronics’ CloudPRNT technology ensures efficient and streamlined operations, empowering businesses to meet the increasing demand for online orders with ease and precision.

Kitchen and Back-of-House Excellence with Star Micronics

The SP742 impact kitchen printer is great for online ordering.

Comprehensive Kitchen Solutions

Star Micronics provides all the essentials for flawless kitchen and back-of-house management, featuring rugged thermal and impact printers designed to withstand kitchen heat alongside advanced label printers that streamline online order processing and inventory tracking.

Takeout Restaurant Lifestyle 2 Small

Label Printers for Efficient Operations

Optimize order accuracy with our multifunctional label printers, ideal for managing exceptions, allergens, and ensuring streamlined kitchen workflows.


Seamless Online Order Management

Experience perfected order efficiency with CloudPRNT-enabled printers and robust industry partnerships, perfecting online order processes.

Star's Blue Core paper works perfectly with the innovative TSP143IV thermal receipt printer by Star Micronics.

Star Blue Paper Rolls

Enhance printer longevity with Star Blue paper rolls, designed for superior maintenance, prolonged printhead life, and extended roll lengths for fewer replacements.

Black Tri-Mount, which holds three tablets vertically. Tablets and tablet enclosures not included. Pole mount.
A self-service kiosk stand holding a tablet.

Stands, Mounts and Kiosks

Organize your online ordering tablets with the TriMount and other mounts, kiosk, or stands from the mUnite series.

Why Thermal Printers Have A Place In Today’s Modern Kitchens

Find out more about the mC-Print3 with Stars’ own John Maieli in an interview on thermal printers in the kitchen.

Why Star?

For kitchen and back-of-house printers

  • Technology: Star Micronics’ kitchen and back-of-house printers are designed with the latest interfaces and connectivity options, ensuring seamless operations in your kitchen for years to come.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of the kitchen environment, Star’s printers are splash-resistant, insect-proof, and capable of operating in high-temperature conditions.
  • Support: Supported by world-class customer service, Star provides access to a comprehensive support website with FAQs, drivers, manuals, and more, ensuring your kitchen operations are always running smoothly.
  • Compatibility: Star Micronics’ kitchen printers offer versatile order printing capabilities, including the ability to print in multiple languages, accommodating even double- and multi-byte characters for diverse restaurant environments.

Features Built for the Kitchen


High Performance




Tried and true



Modern connectivity options


Splash Resistant

Holds strong against splashes


Shielded from Insects

Protected from pests


Stands Up to Heat

Built for use in hot kitchens

Highlighted Products

mC-Label3 Multifunctional Printer
Optimized Multimedia Printing
mC-Print2 Thermal Printer
Compact and Sleek Design
mC-Print3 Thermal Receipt Printer
Compact and Sleek Design
mC-Sound Customizable Alarm
Reliable, Modern, and Customizable
mEnclosure POS Tablet Enclosures
POS Solution with a Clean Design
mUnite EZDesk Kiosk Tablet Stand
Perfect for Self-Service
mUnite Floor Kiosk Stand
Perfect for Self-Service
mUnite Multi-Tablet Display Tri-Mount
Organize Multi-Tablet Workstations
mUnite Tablet Display Mount 18
Modern, Space-Saving Design
mUnite Tablet Display Mount 7
Modern, Space-Saving Design
mUnite Tablet Wall Mount
Modern, Space-Saving Design
SP742 Impact Printer
Most Trusted Kitchen Printer
Tamper-Proof Labels
Securely Seal Delivery, Catering, and To-Go Orders
TSP143III Thermal Receipt Printer
High-Speed and Reliable
TSP143IV SK Sticky Linerless Label Printer
Super Compact and Modern
TSP143IV Thermal Printer
Compact and Connected
TSP654II Thermal Printer
Intelligent and Feature-Packed

Portable Printers

Compact, lightweight, and reliable, Star Micronics’ portable printers make offering at-table payments a piece of cake. And even better yet, they feature multiple connectivity options, optional magnetic stripe readers, and more.


Star Services & Solutions

What your restaurant or bar needs to stand out from the pack

Increase customer retention with PromoPRNT! This free cloud management marketing tool allows you to effortlessly print custom promotions directly on the bottom of receipts. Learn More > 


CloudPRNT enables your printer to communicate directly with web-based POS applications … no local tablet, software, or SSL certificate required! Learn More >


Learn More About Star’s Kitchen Printing and POS Systems Solutions

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