Shipping Label Printers, Food Service Label Printers, and Warehouse Label Printers

Designed with your business in mind

From printing product labels in a warehouse to quickly attaching linerless labels to coffee cups in a café, Star Micronics understands labeling solutions aren’t “one size fits all.” Designed with the application and user in mind, Star Micronics offers label printers with the technology needed for today’s fast-moving, digital world, and label paper for virtually any business scenario.

Star Micronics’ hardware and systems solutions include:

  • Shipping labels
  • Nutrition labels
  • Tamper-proof food delivery labels
  • Foodservice labels
  • ID badge labels

Star is proud to offer a wide variety of label paper in multiple widths:

  • Black mark labels
  • Linerless labels
  • Liner-free MAXStick® labels
  • Tamper-proof labels for delivery, catering, and to-go orders
  • And more

What sets Star Micronics apart from other labeling solutions providers? The answer is simple: our vast portfolio of partnerships with industry-leading software developers.

When you choose Star Micronics for your labeling solutions needs, you can rest assured the label printer will work with your existing POS software.

Star Services & Solutions

Enabling your labels to go the extra mile

Printing your labels from the cloud just got a lot easier. Star Micronics CloudPRNT technology allows users to print to Star label printers directly through a cloud service, with no local tablet, software, or SSL certificate required.

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Highlighted Products

Sleek. Compact. Connected!

TSP654IISK Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer for Sticky Paper
TSP743II Thermal Printer
High-Speed Thermal Receipt & Label Printer
TSP847II Thermal Printer
Versatile, Wide Format Printers
SM-L300 Portable Printer
Convenient and Compatible
Two take-out bags with tamper-proof labels keeping them securely closed.

Tamper-Proof Labels for Food Delivery

Give restaurant customers peace of mind with Star Micronics’ tamper-proof labeling solution, designed to securely seal delivery, catering, and to-go food and beverage orders. Available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of orders, the labels are a part of Star Micronics’ full restaurant solution which includes online ordering printers, cash drawerskitchen printers, and more. Durable label dispensers are also available to accompany the tamper-proof labels.

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Label Paper for Any Application

Star Micronics isn’t just a printer company – we also provide all the supplies you need for your printer, including label paper (black mark, linerless, and more). Recognized by their Blue Core, Star Micronics label paper rolls are premium grade with a superior touch and feel, provide a long shelf life, increase image protection, and are thoroughly tested to provide a guaranteed fit. 

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Kiosk Label Printing

Searching for self-service kiosk label printers? Star Micronics offers a line of compact and lightweight kiosk printers for multiple paper widths which feature fast print speed, high reliability, and multiple optional accessories.

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Labeling Solutions Brochure

Ideal for self-ordering, Star Micronics kiosk label printers have a small footprint and are easy to incorporate.


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