eTicket and eCitation Printers for Law Enforcement

Fast, reliable, and versatile printing when it matters most

Star Micronics understands that police ticket printing is serious business and proudly provides a wide variety of portable and in-car eCitation and eTicket printers for law enforcement officers on-the-go.
Star Micronics’ eCitation and eTicket printing solutions include features like:
  • Wide width paper capacity (up to 4.4 inches) which provides ample room for easy-to-read eCitations 
  • Effortless, high-speed thermal printing allowing officers to keep watch to ensure the safety of others and themselves while issuing a citation  
  • A variety of rugged yet lightweight portable printers
  • Vertical mount stands that can be affixed to vehicle consoles to save space
  • Convenient “Drop-In & Print” paper roll replacement to save valuable time
  • Optional mobile power supply adapters for in-vehicle operation
The best part? Star Micronics printers are integrated with e-citation software applications, meaning officers can easily and reliably stay connected and print hassle-free while on the go. 

One Manufacturer, Many Use Cases

• Parking ticket issuance
• Electronic citation issuance 
• Permit violation ticket issuance
• Inventory management at Sheriff’s offices
• And more

Highlighted Products

Sleek. Compact. Connected!

TSP743II Thermal Printer
High-Speed Thermal Receipt & Label Printer
TSP847II Thermal Printer
Versatile, Wide Format Printers
SM-T300 Portable Printer
Small and Lightweight Design
SM-T400i Portable Printer
Portable, Wide-Format Printing
Portable Printer Belt Clip


Star Micronics proudly provides a wide range of accessories for law enforcement eCitation and eTicket printing, including power supplies, belt clips, shoulder straps, vertical and wall mount brackets, and more.

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Star Micronics Product Catalog

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