mUnite Tablet Display Stands & Mounts

Star Micronics is proud to offer both function and style with its mUnite tablet display stands and mounts, built to accompany our vast array of printers, cash drawers, scales, and peripherals. These durable steel mounts, kiosks, and stands are compatible with any tablet manufacturer and any of our tablet enclosures with VESA mounting, including the popular Universal mEnclosure. Easy to set up, our mUnite stands are suitable for a wide range of printing solutions, from the mC-Print3 and mPOP® to the TSP143 and TSP654 series.

mUnite Tablet Display Stands & Mounts

Star Micronics has created multiple stylish tablet mounts to free up and declutter workspace while keeping valuables secured in one area. Incredibly modern and space-saving, our new line of mUnite mounts are perfect for online and self-service ordering in the restaurant, QSR, retail, and hospitality industries, or in any establishment where stationary tablets are regularly used. They attach to most walls and countertops with everything needed for setup included.* Tablets are well-protected and easily accessible while out of the way in busy atmospheres.

Lessen unnecessary bulkiness and freshen your point-of-sale with Star’s wide selection of mUnite desktop tablet stands. Our stands keep wires together and off the checkout counter while they house and protect a variety of Star printers, providing stability and style for your valuables. They use universal VESA mounting to secure the tablet of your choice, giving the freedom to tilt the screen to your liking while including room for a second customer-facing option. Stylishly space-saving, Star’s desktop stands are a practical way to enhance your brand, presenting a clean and attractive look to your customers.

With the mUnite EZ Desk Kiosk and Floor Kiosk stands, Star Micronics has created two sturdy yet easy-to-move tablet displays for any self-service or customer engagement application. These stands are free-standing with weighted bottoms and present an attractive, minimalist design. Star’s kiosk stands can be used in any retail or hospitality environment, allowing customers to check in or place orders independently. They can also be used as displays to relay welcome messages, directions, or other helpful news.

*Stands do not include printer, tablet, or enclosure

Why Star for Tablet Display Stands?

Stand-Out Features

• Attractive, minimalist design

• All-steel for enduring quality

• Universal VESA mounting

• Cable & wire management

• Simple assembly

• And more

Star’s mUnite Tablet Display Stands: A Practical Way of Enhancing Your Brand

• Tablets are out of the way, yet easily accessible

• Stylishly free up and declutter work space

Simple Assembly, Reliably Made From Steel 

• With Star, it’s not just a tablet stand – it’s protecting your valuables

Featured mUnite Tablet Display Stands

mUnite Kiosk Tablet Display Stands
Modern, Compact Design
mUnite Tablet Display Mounts
Modern, Space-Saving Design
mUnite POS Desktop Tablet Display Stands
POS Solutions with a Clean, Modern Design

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