Scales for All Industries

Star Micronics proudly offers a variety of POS precision scales that are NTEP approved, Bluetooth compatible, and ideal for use in grocery, cannabis dispensary, jeweler stores, pawn shops, and more.

NTEP Certified Scales for POS

mG-T Series POS Scales
NTEP & Measurement Canada Certified
mG-S1501 Precision POS Scale
Multi-Interface & Legal for Trade
mG-S322 Precision POS Scale
Highly Accurate & Legal for Trade
mG-S8200 NTEP Certified Scale
Large Capacity & Legal for Trade

Get Started with Your mG-Scale

It’s important to remember that nearly every state requires a State Certified Technician to complete scale installation, calibration, and registration. Star Micronics is proud to offer you the guidance you need to get started with your mG-Scale. Visit our mG-Scales Support page to download setup guides, contact one of our nationwide scale installation partners, and view regulations for your specific state,

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NTEP Certified

Scales are not a dime a dozen. In order to be used in business, scales must be NTEP certified. Rest assured that all of Star Micronics’ POS scales are NTEP certified, meaning they are highly accurate and legal for trade in the United States.

For Multiple Industries

Star Micronics is proud to offer a wide range of POS scales for a variety of use cases. From the highly accurate mG-S322 that’s perfect for measuring small substances down to 0.01g, to the mG-S8200 that can measure up to 18 lbs., Star Micronics’ scales are ideal for cannabis, pharmaceutical, grocery, deli, frozen yogurt, jewelers, pawn shops, farmers markets, and more.

Modern, Convenient Technology

Each Star Micronics POS scale features multiple interfaces (Bluetooth, Serial, and USB), as well as support for Windows, Android, and iOS. Additionally, each scale can be powered either by a battery or through an outlet to allow for portable use and is available with a windshield cover to ensure the most accurate measurements of the product being weighed.


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