MP500 Printer Mechanism


  • Highly Compact Mechanism
  • Full Graphic Capability
  • Black Mark and Paper End Sensors
  • Adjustable Paper Width from 58-76mm
  • High Speed, Logic Seeking Print Mechanisms
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MP500 Printer Description

As one of the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable dot matrix print mechanisms available, the MP500 series incorporates black mark and paper end sensors, and integrated tear bar, and adjustable paper widths. The MP500 series combines the latest technology in logic seeking printing mechanisms with its ultra-efficient compact deisgn to achieve the fast print speed of over 4 lines per second. The BD500 control board compliments the MP500 printer mechanism. Using the Star Micronics control board simplifies the integration of the MP500 for rapid application development. The MP500 series targets applications such as credit authorization terminals, data terminals, test equipment, parking and toll collection, and gaming devices. However, with its performance and adaptability, the MP500 series can be used in a wide variety of applications.

MP500 Specifications

Printer Method   9 Pin Impact Dot Matrix
Print Speed  

4 LPS (42 Columns)

8 LPS (16 Columns)

Paper Width   76mm; 57.5mm Adjustable
Print Columns   42, 30
Reliability   MCBF: 22 Million Lines
Multiple Copies   Original+2
Input Buffer Size   4 KB
Power Requirements   24VDC
Reliability   MCBF: 22 Million Lines
Multiple Copies   Original + 2
Input Buffer Size   4 KB
Power Requirements  



Hardware Features and Benefits - MP500

Compact Design   Small size to fit into small spaces
High Speed   Prints at up to 5.2 LPS
Logic-Seeking Print Head   The print head goes only where it needs to pring, conserving printing time
High Reliability   MCBF 9 Million Lines
Print Multiple Copies   Original + 2
Black Mark Detection   Reliably print tickets
Semi-Automatic Paper Loading   Paper loading is easy and fast


Reliability   MCBF: 22 Million Lines
Multiple Copies   Original + 2
Input Buffer Size   4 KB
Power Requirements  



Models - MP500

Part NumberModelDescription
39040102MP512N-24A42 COL, (4 LPS), NO PPR HANDLING, NO PLATEN, 1C, UD, 24V, 9-PIN DOT, BD
39040230MP512MDIII-24-A42 COL, (4 LPS), FF, 1C, 24V, RF-3.0, 9-PIN DOT, BD
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