Cash Drawers for Every Industry

With three lines of cash register drawers with a variety of features and price points, Star Micronics is proud to offer cash drawers for any budget or application. Whether you’re looking for the smallest possible cash drawer or a robust cash drawer for a high volume of cash transactions, Star Micronics has the cash register drawer you need.

POS Cash Register Drawers: Printer-Driven, Under Counter, Locking

The Value Series includes cost-effective USB cash drawers that integrate seamlessly into any retail or hospitality environment with a standard printer communication interface and bottom exit cable, hidden from the customer’s view. The cash drawers also feature four lock functions: locked-closed, online (opens electronically), manual open, and locked-open.

Choice Series cash drawers include features businesses already know and love, but with added features such as extra strength to support touch tablets and POS terminals, a secure dual-drawer cable to enable the Choice Series to work as either cash drawer 1 or cash drawer 2, a foldable hinged key which minimizes the possibility of breaking off in the lock, and over 10 different lock set options for added security.

Max Series cash drawers are the premier choice for retailers. Featuring durable, high-quality drawers with Kensington lock compatibility, USB connectivity, and sleek Star branding, the cash drawers are designed to securely manage cash and deliver modern, professional looks. The cash drawers also feature four lock functions: locked-closed, online (opens electronically), manual open, and locked-open.

mPOP™ Multifunction System

Star Micronics’s mPOP™, Mobile Point of Purchase, is the first hybrid for tablet POS that combines a cash register drawer and printer peripheral. With conv enient Bluetooth and USB connectivity, this compact, stylish, yet fully integrated peripheral is an ideal solution for tablet and mobile device – based POS systems.

All POS Cash Drawers

mPOP® Multifunction System
Compact and Sleek Design
Max Series Cash Drawers – SMD2
Printer-Driven, Cable Included
Choice Series Cash Drawers – CD4
Feature-Packed, Extra Strong
Value Series Cash Drawer – CD3
Printer-Driven, Cable Included, 2 Media Slots

Cash Drawer Selector Tools

Discover the right POS cash register or cash drawer cables needed for your applications.

Why Star for Cash Register Drawers?

Stand-Out Accessories

• US or Canadian tills

• Media slots

• Locking till covers

• Under-till storage

• Under-counter mounting brackets

• And more

Star is the Interface Between Application and the Cash Drawer

• Star provides drivers and SDKs to control cash drawers

• Star delivers cash drawer status to applications

Electric, Electronic, Software, and Mechanical Expertise

• With Star, it’s not just a cash drawer – it’s fully connected POS Solution

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