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Desktop USB 1D/2D Barcode Scanner


A global provider of complete POS hardware solutions, Star Micronics is proud to provide the high-performance BSD-FR4080 1D/2D desktop barcode scanner. Equipped with a high-power CPU, this scanner can read various barcodes, from 1D barcodes to high-volume 2D barcodes, on paper, uneven media, and screens covered with protective film. It’s fast, accurate, easy to use, and compatible with any POS software.

Key Features

  • Quick switch between normal and high-motion-tolerance modes
  • Plug and play with iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Superior motion tolerance (2.5m/s)
  • Large field of view (horizontal 51°, vertical 32°)
  • On-screen barcode capture
  • Infrared sensor for increased speed and productivity even in dark environments
  • IP52-rated design and 1.2m drop resistance
  • CMOS (quieter and better performance in low-light environments)
  • 2-year warranty included with options to extend via EXTEND-A-STAR® and/or SWAP-A-STAR®
  • Compatible with any POS software, including Star’s mCollection® products (mC-Print2/3 & mPOP®)
Item Name: BSD-40U BLK
Desktop Barcode Scanner
Desktop Barcode Scanner - Black

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