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MP292 Kiosk Mechanism

Dot Matrix Slip Printing

The MP292 is a dot matrix printer mechanism that was developed to use single sheet paper making it ideal for printing guest checks, security time check-ins, and more. The MP292 is the ultimate in cost-effective versatility without compromising on reliability, all while providing OEMs and system integrators with the flexibility of designing their own printing systems.

Key Features

  • 9-Pin impact dot matrix print head
  • Slip printing mechanism
  • Automatic form positioning function
  • Two color cable
Item Name: MP292-24G-A
MP292 Impact Kiosk Mechanism
42 COL, (3.1 LPS), FF, 1C, UD, 24V, SLIP, NO PS, 7-PIN DOT, BD, NO PPR FEED

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