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mUnite Kiosk Tablet Display Stands

Modern, Compact Design

With the mUnite EZ Desk Kiosk and Floor Kiosk stands, Star Micronics has created two sturdy yet easy-to-move tablet displays built for any self-service or customer engagement application. These stands are free-standing with weighted bottoms to keep them firmly in place. Presenting an attractive, minimalist design, Star’s kiosk stands can be used in any retail or hospitality environment, allowing customers to check in or place orders independently. It can also be used as a display, relaying welcome messages, directions, or any other helpful news. These mUnite stands are part of Star Micronics’ mCollection series and accompany a line of tablet enclosures, including the Universal mEnclosure.

* Tablet, printer and enclosure not included

Key Features

  • Attractive, practical, minimalist design 
  • Weighted bottom to keep steady, yet moveable
  • Simple assembly with everything included*
  • Universal VESA mounting for tablet
  • Reliably made from steel
  • Perfect self-service kiosks

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