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Paper & Supplies

Premium Grade

In addition to offering a full line of innovative and reliable printers, scales, stands, and more, Star Micronics is proud to offer a full line of high-quality, affordable paper, labels, and supplies. Star ink ribbons and paper rolls work efficiently with your printer to extend the life of the print head, provide longer paper lengths for fewer paper changes, and prevent jams and clogs. Additionally, Star paper rolls support warranty compliance and are offered in convenient pack sizes. Star Micronics printer paper rolls are easily recognized by their Blue Core. Star Blue Core rolls are premium grade with a superior touch and feel, are BPA-free, provide a long shelf life, increase image protection, and are thoroughly tested to provide a guaranteed fit.

Key Features

  • Thermal, Standard Bond, Label, and Linerless Label Paper Available
  • Black/Red Ink Ribbon Options
  • Star Micronics Blue Core Paper

POS Paper & Supplies: Thermal Paper, Labels & Ribbons | Star Micronics

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