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TMP900 Kiosk Mechanism

High-Speed Looping Presenter

The TMP900 is a direct thermal printer mechanism with a full or partial cut auto cutter. This mechanism is ideal for many kiosks and other applications where an open frame print mechanism is required. The TMP900 brings adjustable (80 – 112mm) paper width in a compact, modular design to the modern kiosk. The flexible paper width coupled with Star Micronics’ Raster drivers is the perfect solution for web and information kiosks and much more.

Key Features

  • Looping presenter for document capture
  • Unique Star scalable raster driver
  • Adjustable black mark, paper end, and top of form sensors
  • Easy paper loading
  • Adjustable paper width 80mm – 112mm
TMP900 Kiosk Mechanism
Direct Thermal, Cutter, 24V

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TMP900: Label & Ticket Thermal Printer Mechanism with Looping Presenter

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TMP900 Models

  • Part Number Model Description
  • 39458001 TMP942-24A THERMAL MECHANISM TMP942 Printer Mechanism, Thermal, 112mm (4.4”), wide paper, 180mm/sec, Cutter, No Interface, 24v

Accessories for TMP900

  • Part Number Model Description
  • 39515000 PR921-24A PRESENTER Presenter Unit (TUP/TMP900)
  • 39590021 RHU-T900 BIG PAPER SUPPLY Large Capacity Paper Roll Holder (TUP900)
  • 39590030 NEU-T900 NEAR END SENSOR Near End Paper Sensor (TUP/TMP900)

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