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PromoPRNT receipt marketing logo by Star Micronics.
PromoPRNT Receipt Marketing: Automatically Create Printed Promotions

Make the most of your receipts with PromoPRNT. With this value-added software, you can create custom promotions from templates that print on the bottom of your receipts. Boost customer acquisition and engagement by promoting upcoming sales, e-commerce websites, loyalty programs, now hiring messaging, and more. With PromoPRNT receipt marketing, there’s never been an easier, more effective way to communicate with your valuable, in-store customers.


PromoPRNT Features


Use PromoPRNT to drive customer experience, build loyalty, and engage its shoppers through easy-to-use templates and intuitive software.



With the cloud-based PromoPRNT dashboard, you can manage multiple stores’ promotions – all from one centralized location. Build rapport with customers where it matters most – at the physical location. Having the ability to run in-store campaigns that are automated, inexpensive, and easy to set up has incredible benefits.


PromoPRNT is the Star Document Markup Designer within Star Micronics Cloud Services. This application is a seamless and straightforward way to create and design the promotions that will appear on the receipts from templates available in the builder library. Star Document Markup Designer makes adding logos, text, and icons simple.

The Promotion Builder and Promotion Scheduler tools make receipt marketing as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Promotion Scheduler schedules the campaign and selects printing locations, even from a remote site. Campaigns can be scheduled based on the day of the week or the time of the day, and each promotion is given a priority, which determines in what order it is printed on the receipt. The cloud-based dashboard lets you track how many promotions were printed and where.

Dozens of Templates Available, or Create Your Own

Promotion Builder creates and launches new promotions in a few simple steps. A broad selection of templates makes it easy to create new campaigns. You can also customize the receipt with uploaded logos, scannable barcodes, and redeemable promotions.


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