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  • Automatically Selects Network Printer Based on Proximity
  • Secure Cash Management
  • Compatible with iOS and Android Devices
  • Easy to Integrate for any mPOS Application


About ProxiPRNT

Star Micronics’ ProxiPRNT technology enables mobile point of sale in enterprise retail environments. Once integrated with the receipt printer of cash drawer, Star’s ProxiPRNT allows for remote access of point of sale peripherals based on the physical proximity of the tablet or smart phone device being used by the sales staff. With ProxiPRNT, the sales clerk can automatically select and print to a nearby printer and ensure that a cash drawer can only be opened wirelessly if the clerk is standing right next to it.

Based on BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology, Star’s ProxiPRNT technology works with both iOS and Android devices. The low power requirements, small size, low cost, and compatibility with a large installed base of mobile phones, tablets, and computers makes Star’s ProxiPRNT technology easy to integrate and implement for any mobile POS application.


Specifications – ProxiPRNT


Functions ProxiPRNT enables proximity-based printing and secure cash management for mobile point of sale
Software Settings ProxiPRNT uses BLE radio waves and the radio strength varies depending on the following influence. ProxiPRNT defines enable/disable to operate the Star products based on the radio strength of BLE from the ProxiPRNT Beacon rather than the distance
Hardware Configuartion 

1. Install the ProxiPRNT Beacon and the Star Product

2. Install your ProxiPRNT-enabled app on the smart device

3. Associate the ProxiPRNT Beacon with a Star product using your ProxiPRNT-enabled app

4. Set your threshold distance based on how near or far away from the ProxiPRNT Beacon you would like to be able to control the Star Product.

Software Configuration ProxiPRNT required to associate the ProxiPRNT Beacon and the Star Product in the ProxiPRNT-enabled app
Data Specifications The smart device with BLE is required to use ProxiPRNT. ProxiPRNT is now compatible with any iOS or Android mobile device.


Features and Benefits – ProxiPRNT


ProxiPRNT application Enables proximity-based printing and secure cash management for mobile point of sale
Available for iOS and Android Available for iOS and Android mobile devices with BLE (Bluetooth low energy)

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