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mPOS: How it’s Revolutionizing Payments

Mobility is rocking the point-of-sale world. From line-busting to omnichannel marketing, it’s changing how retailers and restaurateurs do business. The payments branch of the POS world has not been isolated from mPOS and its effects. As margins shrink and the competition in merchant processing grows fierce, the payment industry is rushing to adopt tablet POS systems.

How Printer Software Technology is Evolving to accommodate mPOS

Point-of-sale (POS) is no longer limited to the traditional, fixed model. Merchants have tried and proven the benefits of mobility. They can complete payment transactions in-aisle or tableside and set up additional checkouts for line busting.

5 Ways Ergonomic mPOS Solutions for Large Retailers Increase Sales and Boost Customer Satisfaction

This ebook explains, in 5 ways, how an ergonomic mPOS solutions will increase sales and boost customer satisfaction. Todays consumers want a quick and easy checkout process with knowledgeable and helpful sales associates. For the seller, mPOS solutions are feature a small footprint with a quick and secure checkout process.

Technology eBooks

Lime Order Case Study iPad smaller
Success Stories: LimeOrder Wins with Star's Android-Friendly POS Hardware & Tech Solutions

Explore how software vendor LimeOrder enhanced its cloud-based POS system by integrating with Star Micronics' Android-friendly software development kits (SDKs).

Different printer technologies by Star Micronics.
Star Micronics Technologies for Today's Market

In a constantly evolving POS landscape, your software deserves hardware that enhances its capabilities - not limits it. Star Micronics ensures your application stands out, helping you address customer demands, mitigate challenges, and drive sales by offering comprehensive POS solutions.

Differences and advantages of wired vs. wireless barcode scanners.
The Ultimate Guide to Barcode Scanner Types and Applications

This guide has everything you need to know about barcode scanners in one place. Discover the different types of barcode scanners and a brief history, as well as applications and evaluations required to consider when purchasing a barcode scanner. Reviewing this will ensure you make informed decisions when deciding what barcode scanner to buy for your business's success.

Software developer.
An Independent Software Vendor's (ISV's) Guide to Star Printer SDKs

For ISVs navigating the complexities of printer integration, the path forward is often strewn with challenges. Get to know Star Micronics' range of software development kits (SDKs), each uniquely crafted to address these challenges and enhance your integration prowess.

Stack of folded laundry from wash-and-fold service.
Technology Trends You Need to Implement into your Wash-and-Fold or Laundromat Business

Whether you operate a traditional laundromat business, a wash-and-fold, or a dry cleaning service, you need to find a way to stand out from your competition, attract customers, build their loyalty, and grow revenues. To gain an edge, these industries need a different strategy. One of the most effective ways to stand out is by implementing modern technology to enhance customer experiences and keep them returning.

The complete POS solution, featuring the TSP143IV thermal receipt printer, EZDesk kiosk tablet stand, and wireless barcode scanner by Star Micronics.
Healthcare Goes High-Tech: How Technology is Solving Healthcare's Operational Challenges

Ever-shifting pandemic protocols, fewer available professionals, and an increased need for efficiency and accuracy are major healthcare pain points. Many in the industry have been suffering from burnout and exhaustion. But technology is available to help clear these hurdles, and this practical guide helps navigate the space.

The Growing Industry of Ghost Kitchens: The Tech You Need To Get Started

This ebook covers the essentials of starting a ghost kitchen and the technology restaurateurs will need to equip their new business with to get started.

Ghost Kitchens: A Growing Market Within The Restaurant Point Of Sale Space

This ebook provides insights to VARs on why more restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are utilizing ghost kitchen business models, and how they can leverage existing technology to assist those clients.

6 Crucial Technologies for Successful Curbside Service

With many restaurants and retailers adopting new methods to alleviate financial blows from the global pandemic, curbside service has rapidly become a popular addition to numerous businesses—and it’s here to stay. However, no matter how modernized a business is, it’s all for naught if it is done incorrectly.

6 Technologies Resellers Need to Equip Retailers for Success

When the COVID-19 wave first began rippling across the globe, many underestimated the full impact it would have on retailers. Now that we are in the throes of it, we are finally recognizing how different the brand-new business climate that we’ve found ourselves in really is.

4 Restaurant Technology Challenges for the Next Decade

People are constantly seeking new and delicious ways to feed themselves and their families without spending the time and effort shopping, preparing, and cleaning up after a meal.

Woman holding receipt with receipt marketing.
The Value of Receipts: Printed and Digital

There’s no getting away from it: receipts hold great value and are an irrefutable part of everyday life. These small slips of paper clutter wallets, drawers, and shoe boxes; they lie crumpled in clothing pockets and are thrown haphazardly into filing cabinets. But nothing is worse than realizing the need to return an item or deduct a purchase on a tax return, only to find that the appropriate and much-needed receipt is nowhere to be found.

Is Your Restaurant Ready for the Online Ordering Trend? Ebook
Is Your Restaurant Ready for the Growing Online Ordering Trend?

Are you looking for a new way to grow your restaurant business? Consider online ordering. According to QSR Web, digital ordering is growing 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic, and analysts project in a few years, more restaurant sales will come from takeout, delivery, and other forms of off-premises dining than from customers who dine-in.

6 Reasons Why Developers Should Choose the StarPRNT SDK

Star Micronics is committed to ensuring that its solution provider partners remain at the cutting edge of implementing applications that reflect changing market trends. Constantly evolving technology requirements and the need to stay competitive is enough to keep any programming and development staff busy 24/7.

4 Elements of a Valuable ISV-Hardware Integration Partnership

Forming a successful partnership with a hardware vendor follows the same principles as any other type of beneficial business partnership. With so many hardware vendors to choose from — and many vying for you as an integration partner — it may not be clear which direction to take.

Solutions for Printing from Web Browser-Based Applications on iOS, Android, and Windows

This ebook covers the benefits of Star's WebPRNT and PassPRNT for POS technology providers. WebPRNT is easy to use, affordable, and compatible. PassPRNT is easily integrated with iOS, Apple, Android, or Web applications.

Why You Shouldn't Underestimate Coupons as a Promotional Tool

This ebook explains all the benefits coupons can bring to your business. You will learn the pros and cons of digital and print coupons and who uses coupons the most. The ebook also explains other uses for receipts and how Star Micronics brings value back to receipts.

Why BLE Thermal Printers are Ideal for DSD Applications

Direct store delivery (DSD), selling or distributing products directly to the point-of-sale (POS) or point-of-consumption (POC), is especially popular for food, drink, and other high-volume goods. Eliminating the “middlemen” in the supply chain is most efficient, especially when products have a short shelf life or are in high demand.

Hardware eBooks

Woman scans inventory with wireless barcode scanner by Star Micronics.
How To Create a Connected Workstation in 5 Easy Steps

Merchants in the hospitality industry need technology solutions to combat modern-day barriers to business. With a connected workstation that's easy to set up and fit within their workflow, resellers can reduce merchants' burden while providing future-proof technology in 5 easy steps!

The mG-T POS scale by Star Micronics is the ideal point of sale scale.
The Future-Proof Technology You Need To Create Connected Workstations For Your Industry

The hospitality industry is facing some of the most severe challenges they have ever encountered. With overhead and labor costs rising, online competition increasing, customer loyalty faltering, and labor being elusive, merchants need technology solutions to combat these barriers. This e-book explains how a connected workstation and its components can ease the burden merchants face now and in the future.

Small business owner using an omnichannel and cloud POS system.
Conquering Omnichannel Order Management with Cloud-Based Technology Solutions

Even before the global pandemic, studies have shown that consumers and merchants were pivoting to digital and mobile technologies. As consumers lean into new technologies, retail and restaurant brands must adapt and compete on multiple fronts to win and retain their customers.

The Complete Guide to Cannabis Point of Sale & Accessories

Discover the solutions that dispensaries need to compete in today's booming market.