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The Advantages of SteadyLAN® for POS Systems

SteadyLAN revolutionizes connectivity by delivering consistent wired Ethernet service directly from the networked Star printer to your device, whether on iOS, Android, or Windows. This innovative technology is available through a simple connection using a Lightning or USB-C® cable. Experience enhanced stability and speed with SteadyLAN technology, currently featured on the versatile mC-Label3 multimedia printer and select mC-Print3 series thermal printers.



  • Direct data transfer between iOS, Android, and Windows devices and the printer via Apple Lightning or USB-C cable
  • Direct Ethernet connectivity to devices from the wired Ethernet port of the printer
  • Device charging via Apple Lightning cable (for iOS devices) or USB-C cable (for Android or Windows)
  • Peripheral control (scanner, display) via printer USB host ports


Say goodbye to unreliable Wi-Fi and experience unmatched stability in your point-of-sale systems with SteadyLAN technology by Star Micronics. Available on the multifunctional mC-Label3 and select mC-Print models, SteadyLAN streamlines control of the printer and connected devices while providing a steady network feed to your iOS, Android, or Windows tablets via the printer’s wired Ethernet port.

SteadyLAN is perfect for areas with a weak or absent Wi-Fi network or for businesses that want to use the printer with an existing LAN cable while still getting internet for the connected device. Boost your business connectivity with Star’s reliable and versatile SteadyLAN technology.

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For locations where Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible or unreliable, this new technology is a world-first, providing the stability of a cabled LAN connection for tablet POS systems. By connecting the SteadyLAN-compatible printer to the Internet via wired LAN and connecting the printer and a tablet with a Lightning-USB or USB-C cable, the device can use the Internet without Wi-Fi communication. At the same time, the tablet can communicate with the printer via USB or LAN and can be charged from the printer.

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Supported Products: 

mC-Label3 Multifunctional Printer
Optimized Multimedia Printing
mC-Print3 Thermal Receipt Printer
Compact and Sleek Design
mC-Print2 Thermal Printer
Compact and Sleek Design

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