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Cloud-Based Technology

We have our head in the clouds – in a good way. With a variety of cloud-based technologies, we have what it takes to keep your solution connected. For example, Star’s CloudPRNT technology is ideal for online ordering and enables users to print directly to Star printers through a cloud service, while our WebPRNT technology is the ultimate web-based printing solution.

Solutions Partners

Partnerships are our priority, and at Star, we only succeed when our partners do. Our dedicated integration team is available to help you develop customized solutions, no matter which industry you’re in – restaurant, retail, cannabis, and beyond. Additionally,  Star SDKs easily accessible on GitHub.

Always Leading, Always Innovating

Innovation runs deep at Star. We are proud of our many industry-firsts, ranging from the first thermal printer in 1992 to the first Apple AirPrint POS printer in 2017. One of our most recent innovations, the StarXpand™ SDK, enables Star printer control for the popular cross-platform framework, React Native. Designed to shorten development time and reduce maintenance costs, its StarIO10 framework features asynchronous communication, an emulation-free design, human-readable command creation, faster printer search, and easy-to-use debugging log communications.

Download StarXpand™ SDK for React Native on GitHub >

Developer FAQ

New to POS Hardware? Browse the Q&A list below to find information on getting started quickly.

Gladly! Contact us and we’ll help in any way we can.

Visit the Drivers Section of this website to access downloads for every Star Printer.

Our programming manuals are listed on the Command Specs webpage. 

The StarPRNT SDK is a collection of software tools used to integrate Star Printers available for the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. The SDK is provided as a sample application and demonstrates the newest features available.The StarPRNT SDK is composed of two main libraries, StarIO & StarIO_Extension.


Provides the SMPort class which provides many low-level methods for connection, printer discovery, detailed printer status and robust error handling


StarIO_Extension builds on top of StarIO by providing additional features such as:

    • A new persistent connection style available through the StarIoExtensionManager class
    • A document builder class
    • Delegate methods for receiving printer status updates in real time
    • The ability to control printer-driver peripherals such as barcode readers, and the Star Line Display

StarIO is a class library used for communicating with Star Micronics printers that developers can leverage within their own software applications. StarIO aims to simplify integration of Star printers by providing a robust set of features, and eliminating the need for developers to build those features on their own.

Some benefits of StarIO include:

  • Methods for connecting & disconnecting to a printer over a variety of connection types
  • Robust status checking such as Cover Open, Paper Low, Paper Out, etc.
  • Detailed error checking
  • Discovery of nearby printers over the Network, USB, Bluetooth and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

StarIO is a part of the StarPRNT SDK (Software Development Kit) available for iOS, Android, and Windows. It is also used in our SDKs for Mac & Linux and in our printer utilities for those same platforms.

A: The benefits are plentiful! Use a StarIO SDK to deliver a COMPLETE solution to your customers without wasting weeks on studying and trial and error. Download the StarIO Brochure for an overview of the packages and how they benefit any POS programmer.

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