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The Advantages of TetherLAN for POS Systems

TetherLAN technology by Star Micronics.

Revolutionizing Cloud-Based Printing

TetherLAN is at the forefront of printing technology, creating a cloud-based printing environment even in scenarios where traditional internet setups are challenging. By leveraging CloudPRNT technology, TetherLAN allows devices with active cellular connections, such as 4G/5G, to share their network with select Star printers via USB. The result is a streamlined, efficient, and premium printing experience without the need for additional LAN cables.

Versatility Across Industries & Applications

Designed for adaptability, TetherLAN serves a wide range of industries and applications with impeccable convenience. Whether you’re working in an event venue with logistical challenges, a bustling food truck without fixed internet connectivity, or any other challenging setup, TetherLAN ensures that your printing needs are met with ease. Moreover, the technology ensures your device remains powered while connected, adding to its practicality in diverse settings.

Access to Star Micronics Cloud Services

TetherLAN also offers seamless interfacing with Star Micronics Cloud Services. This free platform empowers developers and business owners to monitor their connected Star devices in real time, collect and monitor crucial data, and craft customized receipts, tickets, and labels. From scheduling holiday sales to updating firmware remotely and adding promotional material to receipts, Star Cloud Services simplifies brand elevation, making it effortlessly convenient.

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