Thermal Receipt Printers for Every Industry

Star Micronics offers a robust line of reliable, high-performance POS receipt printers for retailers, restaurants, stadiums and parks, and more. The printers include various modern connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, cloud, Wi-Fi/wireless, and more.

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All Thermal POS Receipt Printers: Cloud, WiFi, Ethernet & USB

All Thermal POS Printers

BSC-10 Thermal Printer
Easy to Install and Maintain
HSP7543 Multifunction Printer
High Quality Validation and Slip Printing
HSP7743 Multifunction Printer
High Accuracy, High Speed MICR Reader
mC-Print2 Thermal Printer
Compact and Sleek Design
mC-Print3 Thermal Printer
Compact and Sleek Design
mPOP® Multifunction System
Compact and Sleek Design
TSP1000 Thermal Printer
High Volume Event Printing
TSP143III Thermal Printer
High-Speed and Reliable
TSP143IV Thermal Receipt Printer
Compact and Connected
TSP654II Resto Thermal Printer
Revenu Quebec MEV (SRM) Certified
TSP654II Thermal Printer
Intelligent and Feature-Packed
TSP654IISK Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer for Sticky Paper
TSP743II Thermal Printer
High-Speed Thermal Receipt & Label Printer
TSP800IIRx Thermal Printer
Pharmacy and Prescription RX Secure Locking
TSP847II Thermal Printers
Versatile, Wide Format Printers

SP742 Impact Printer

This fast, two-color impact printer offers crisp, easy to read type for quick viewing, clamshell design for easy paper loading and an embedded power supply for space efficiency.

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At Star Micronics, our partnerships with industry-leading POS software providers are what strengthen us. We are proud to offer thermal printers for Square, Shopify, Uber Eats, and more. Our easy-to-integrate POS printers mean that you can rest assured your printer will work with your POS software of choice.

Already a Star Micronics partner? Be sure to register for the Empower Partner Program, which is open to all partners and includes benefits such as product discounts, sales and marketing support, development resources, and more.


These days, nothing is more important than connectivity. Simply put, you need your thermal printer to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your POS. Star Micronics POS receipt printers feature the modern connectivity options you need, including USB, Ethernet, WiFi/wireless, Bluetooth, and more. Sit back and relax as you enjoy out-of-the-box cloud connectivity.


Star Micronics is proud to offer more than just thermal receipt printers. We also offer a full portfolio of printers for retailersrestaurants, and more, including impact kitchen printersonline ordering printers, and wireless receipt printers. And in addition to receipts, Star printers can also print Black Mark labels, linerless labels, tickets, kitchen orders, and more.


The Star offers a wide variety of accessories that are compatible with our printers, including cash drawers, scales, 1D scanners, customer displays, and more. We are also proud to provide multiple health and safety accessories, including the POSShield sneeze guard, antimicrobial covers, tamper-proof labels for takeout orders, and more. Explore Accessories >

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Star provides various technology solutions across the technology spectrum, from native to web-based apps.


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As an industry-leading provider of high-quality, dependable printing hardware, Star Micronics has designated a portfolio of printing, customer engagement, and health and safety solutions for

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