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Star Micronics Cloud Services

As one of the world’s most prominent solution and customer engagement providers, Star Micronics has developed an innovative portfolio of technologies for the retail, hospitality, cannabis markets, and more. By connecting Star printers to POS Cloud Services, Star has created a practical, developer-friendly platform for more efficient, connected, and intelligent systems.



For developers needing more efficient and connected technologies, Star has added specialized support services such as Device Manager API with printer data access, Star Quick Setup Utility Customizer, and Star Document Markup Designer. These services help software developers better manage printers and customer engagement solutions right from their computers.

Star Micronics Cloud Services helps developers and business owners stay competitive.

Value-Added Services

With Star Micronics Cloud Services, developers and business owners can monitor connected Star devices in real time, collect crucial data, and create customized receipts, tickets, and labels. Add promotional material to receipts and schedule holiday sales. Update firmware offsite. Star Cloud Services makes it easier than ever for merchants to elevate their brands.

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Star Micronics’ services are cloud-based, meaning both the devices and receipt data are accessible from anywhere and can be rolled out to every store location from one central point. 

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Create and export receipt formatting code into your own application by taking advantage of Star Document Markup Designer.

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With Star Micronics’ Device Management service,  remotely update printer firmware or customize for the latest environment, and receive real-time status across the entire installed base of Star Micronics printers.

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Device Manager API

With Star Micronics Cloud Services, connect to Star’s printers and attached peripherals, easily unlock printer receipt data to use for other services, and take advantage of real-time remote monitoring of on-site operations improving technical and customer support.  Remote management and configuration allow developers to update firmware, adjust or update printer settings but also remotely monitor the status of any Star device from the cloud without the need to be on site.  

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Star Document Markup Designer

Quickly and easily create receipt formatting that exports with a click of a button into a developer’s custom software application. This feature includes complimentary templates from Star to help get you started, stores your custom templates, and more.

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Star Micronics manufactures Cloud Ready printers that can connect to Star Micronics Cloud Services.

Star Quick Setup Utility Customizer

The Star Quick Setup Customizer was also added, providing easy customization of the setup app, so developers can quickly access what they need.

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For retailers and business owners, services such as device management for printers, Digital Journal, and PromoPRNT are available for any POS application.

The mC-Label3 multifunctional label and receipt printer from Star Micronics can fit media of multiple widths and types.

Label Builder

Label Builder on Star Micronics Cloud Services enables users to effortlessly design custom labels from scratch or use pre-made templates. Currently, it offers the convenience of storing up to three designs on the mC-Label3 Multimedia Printer, which can easily be printed using the One Touch multifunctional button, even without an internet connection.

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PromoPRNT helps merchants effortlessly create promotions that are printed in addition to receipts, providing high-quality customer engagement at no extra cost. Once set up, the campaign is fully automated, boosting sales and customer retention while maximizing the value of your Star printer. These incentives and bonuses are delivered directly to shoppers’ hands, notifying customers of new deals and promotions.

PromoPRNT Designs Graphic

Digital Journal

Digital Journal can help give retailers and business owners insight into their customers. By storing electronic copies of all printed receipts, the tickets can be viewed, analyzed, or reprinted at a later date. Digital Journal also tallies the number of receipts printed each day, allowing a business owner to quickly look back and see which days were busiest on average, able to leave notes right inside the dashboard.

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Device Monitor

Easily see the status of your printers along with reporting with receipt printing statistics, printer online time, and more.


Supported Printers

Star Micronics offers a wide variety of thermal POS receipt and label printers.

TSP143IV SK Sticky Linerless Label Printer
Super Compact and Modern
mC-Label3 Multifunctional Printer
Optimized Multimedia Printing
TSP143IV Thermal Printer
Compact and Connected
mC-Print3 Thermal Receipt Printer
Compact and Sleek Design
mC-Print2 Thermal Printer
Compact and Sleek Design

Optimized for the Cloud

You can’t do today’s business with yesterday’s technology. Our services are designed for a cloud-based world and provide intuitive, at-a-glance information all based on an easily accessible online dashboard.

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All of Star Micronics’ POS cloud services are available through one cloud-based Star Micronics Cloud Services dashboard.

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Businesses can easily manage receipt marketing promotions, and printer status for all of their Star Micronics printers, whether have they one store location or dozens.



The Star Micronics Cloud Services dashboard provides all of the information you need in one intuitive, at-a-glance cloud platform.


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