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How to save the receipt on the journal of my TSP100 series with Windows pc’s?

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How to configure the TSP100ECO for On Demand Printing.

The TSP100ECO is the only printer available that is capable of providing store and restaurant owners with a way to save money and paper effortlessly right out of the box. This intuitive printer is the ONLY POS printer to ship with a 3mm top margin (the blank space at the top of the receipt) VS the typical 11mm found on other printers, resulting in instantly saving money and trees. Only the TSP100ECO can provide this feature while still performing a partial cut, the demanded cut method of the retail and hospitality industries.

Supported Printers: TSP100ECO (TSP143ii)

Supported Environments: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows Vista (32/64-bit), Windows XP Tools Needed: futurePRNT Configuration Utility found on the Installation CD


What is On Demand Printing?

Each day, cashiers provide receipts to patrons for small purchases, such as a fast food lunch, that are almost immediately discarded. In some cases, the customer may not want a receipt at all for these small transactions.

The TSP100ECO addresses this by offering an intuitive option for prompting the cashier to print the receipt or not. Should the customer wish to not have the receipt printed, the cashier can simply hit the “No” button to skip the print job. The transaction data is automatically saved into a journal which allows retailers to understand when a customer wants a receipt, providing valuable insight on where coupon printing will be most effective. In addition, it is possible to reprint the receipt from the journal if necessary.

All of this is done inside the futurePRNT Configuration Utility meaning absolutely NO modifications to POS Software!


Above: “Would you like a receipt?” Keep all transaction data, even if the customer declines.


Accessing Eco Settings in futurePRNT

Ensure the TSP100ECO has already been installed. The plug and play driver is located on the Installation CD that ships with the printer. If the CD was misplaced, the contents can be downloaded from the Star Global Support Site for free.


Click the Windows Start button and navigate StarMicronics > Star TSP100 > Configuration Utility. This opens the futurePRNT Configuration Utility.


Select “Star Line Mode (default)” and click OK.


Click “ECO Settings”.



Configuring On Demand Printing


Check the box next to “Enable on demand”.


Choose to save or not save transaction data that is not printed. (The default setting is Save.)


Click “Apply Changes”.

On Demand Printing is now enabled. When a transaction is sent to the printer, the above prompt will be displayed on the screen.


Viewing Saved Transaction Data

Open the Eco Section of the futurePRNT Configuration Utility and click the “View Saved Data” button.


Click the “Search” button at the bottom left of the journal window.


Enter the search start date and click OK.


Enter the search end date and click OK.


The journal is populated in the left sidebar.


Highlight an entry to view the electronic data in the right pane.


Print the receipt if a physical copy is needed.

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