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How To Change Margins and Fix Paper Size Issues

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Driver Settings and Format Issues


This Application Note explains potential driver settings for addressing issues such as long receipts with blank space, margin and format issues, and font size when printing from POS applications that are either web-based (accessed through a web browser) or applications that are installed locally on the computer and using the printer’s driver.

Please note that printers’ margins and character fonts are primarily defined by the POS software, especially when printing from iOS (iPads/iPhones) and Android devices. The information below pertains to Windows and macOS setups.


Supported Printers: starPRNT and futurePRNT supported printers
Supported Interfaces: USB, LAN, WI-FI, Bluetooth, Serial, Parallel
Supported Environments: Windows OS, Mac OS
Devices Needed: Computer running Windows or Mac OS
Software Needed: Web browser, futurePRNT utility, starPRNT utility.


My POS application is web-based (accessed through a web browser)

A. If your Point of Sale (POS) Application is web-based, please navigate to the link posted below for instructions on how to configure your web browser with the correct printer related settings.

How do I configure the basic printer setup for web-based POS applications?


My POS application is installed locally on Windows

Note: If you are using 112 mm or 4 inch paper for steps E – H please select the 104mm x receipt.

Start by opening control panel, you can do this by left-clicking on the search button (the circle in the first image) and then typing “control panel” into the search bar. The control panel icon will then appear under “Best match” please open control panel by left-clicking on the icon.

If you do not see the search button on your Windows PC please left-click on the Windows Start Button and Navigate to the “Windows System” folder located under “W” expand the folder by left-clicking, and then left-click on control panel.


When control panel opens left click on “View devices and printers” located under “Hardware and Sound”


When “Devices and Printers” window opens you will see your Star Micronics printers icon under “Printers”, please right click on the printer’s icon, and then left click on “Printer Properties”.

When the “Printer properties” window opens, by default the “General” tab will be selected. Please left click on “Preferences”. When the “Preferences” window opens please left click on “Advanced”

Now you will change the “Paper Size” setting to “72mm x Receipt” and then click on “Ok”. The “Preferences” window will still be open make sure to click “Ok” for this window also. If you are using

Now on the “Printer Properties” window please left-click on “Device Settings” and set the “Friction” setting for “72mm x Receipt”. Then left-click on the “Advanced” tab.

With the “Advanced” tab now open, please left-click on “Printing Defaults” and when the “Printing Defaults” window opens left click on “Advanced”.

Now with the “Advanced Options” window open change the “Paper Size” setting to “72mm x Receipt” and then click “Okay”. The “Printing Defaults” window will still be open remember to click “Ok” here as well.

Finally, click “Apply” and then click on “Ok” so you can confirm that all of the settings were changed.


Note: Any additional changes need to be made in the POS software if the issues aren’t fixed.


My POS application is installed locally on Mac OS

HINT: If you are using 112 mm paper for step E please select the 104mm x 200 option.

Open your web browser (Chrome, Fire Fox, Internet explorer, etc.) and enter “localhost:631”



At the top of the next page there will be several tabs one of them will be called “Printer” please left click here.

Left-click on your printers “Queue Name


Now you will see a drop-down menu called “Administration” left-click on this drop-down and select “Set Default Options”.


By default, the page will open to the “Media Size” setting. Select the “72mm * 200mm” paper size, and then left-click on “Set Default Options”


Now enter the username and password for the account you are currently logged into and click “Log In”. If you are unsure of the account name, navigate to “System Preferences” and then open “Users and Groups” to double check the username of the account that you are currently logged into.


Once you have entered your username and password you will receive the following message indicating that the settings were saved successfully.



Note: Any additional changes need to be made in the POS software if the issues aren’t fixed.

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